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All the information from my old notgeld (emergency money) site has been copied here, but the
layout, design and content has been updated, to include even more notgeld information!Papenburg 75pf (Lm.1016)

The picture to the right shows the Burgermeister collecting his taxes...but the poor citizen doesn't even have enough money to feed himself! Issued in Papenburg, Germany, in 1921, it is catalogued as Lm.1016 (or Mehl.1044). A 50pf (pfennig) note was also issued with a
similar design. (But.......75pf is not a value required in commerce....usually made up from
50+20+5.........this piece of notgeld is of course.....serienscheine.....and was not intended
for general circulation.....it was issued for the notgeld collector market of the early 1920's!!)
Happy notgeld collecting from me....Tony the 'notgeldman*from*england' (www*notgeld*com)


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Run of consecutive serial numbers

Perforated pieces

Thale block of 4. The un-perforated block here is scarcer! It catalogues as Lm.1286.1 rather than the perforated variant which is Lm.1286.3

notgeld on velvet

Velvet 'stoffgeld' from Bielefeld

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rare notgeld pieces

Braunschweig scarce serienscheine variants - Lm.148a2 (25pf) & Lm.148a3 (1.60m)

round notgeld set

Eckartsberga - Lm.293b

Bielefeld article with rough translation!

Article from a German newspaper about Bielefeld stoffgeld